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Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have been accepted worldwide for delivering personalized messages. But have you ever wondered about using a communication application that is only meant for the professional workplace?

Now surely you can argue that WhatsApp does offer the feature of creating chat groups, but there is no way that it can provide you with a complete secluded environment of a workplace culture. But finally there an app that does provide the discussed environment. The Troop Messenger is a business messenger application that is now being used by working professionals worldwide.

It is one app that will help you keep your personal life and professional life separate, and that is the USP of the Troop Messenger.

By creating official groups, you can share business and innovative ideas with your peers and colleagues. You can also organize visual meetings with other professional as it does provide with the options of audio and video calling.

Below is the detailed review of Troop Messenger that will help you in understanding the app better:

Highlighted Features

  • The Troop Messenger allows your company to have all its communication under one roof without any exception of any of the communication related aspect.
  • The Troop Messenger also comes with a unique feature of speech to text. Such a feature is of great help as it helps in saving the time.
  • The application is accessible for every device including mobile, web, and desktop.
  • There is no restriction on how many users can use the app.
  • The free version of the app gives you the storage capacity of 50 GB.
  • The premium version of the app will only cast a single dollar per user.
  • It is supportable on devices such as Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web-based, and for iPhone/iPad
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Features of Troop Messenger:

  • Group Chats
  • Contact Search
  • Flag Messages
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video Calling
  • Audio Call
  • Audio Messaging
  • Burnout
  • Jumper
  • Analytics
  • File Sharing
  • Troop Store
  • Multiple Domains Emerging
  • Data Record
  • Video Conferencing
  • Pin Users
  • Filters
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Web Messaging

Plans Available

Free Plan

It comes with a minimum number of features, but it is definitely an ideal plan for some of the businesses.

Features offered in the Free Plan:

  1. Contact Search
  2. Filters (links,Attachments,etc)
  3. One-One Messaging
  4. Group Chats
  5. 50 users limit
  6. Pin Users
  7. Free Email Support
  8. File Sharing

Suitable For: Small Scale/Size Enterprises

Premium Plan

Suitable For: Medium Scale Enterprises

  • Audio Messaging
  • Video Calling
  • Delete & Recall
  • Troop Store
  • Email/Call Support
  • 1-100 Users
  • All Free Features
  • Flag Messages
  • Analytics
  • Storage: 150 GB

Enterprise Plan

This plan comes with all the premium feature sand with some additional features.

  • Burnout
  • Broad Casting
  • Data Record
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Messages History
  • Storage: 250 GB
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Multiple Domain Merging
  • Account Manager
  • Suitable for: Large Scale Enterprises and for Corporate based companies

User Satisfaction Status

Many times, a software that has so many features lack in their overall quality because of the functioning issue. By analyzing many of the customer reviews of Troop Messenger, it became clear that this communication software doesn’t have that glitch. The app functions smoothly and has no complaints of slow processing or functioning. The users have shared that Troop Messenger without a doubt is a useful communication tool for their workplace. The businesses that don’t have a large number of employees are really enjoying using this app because the free version is enough for them. And for large enterprises, it goes without saying that this app is like a panacea for all of their communication issues.

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